Friday, April 29, 2011

Picking Up the Pieces--Postscript Added

There has been so much destruction this week.  So very many lives have been lost.  We are so saddened by the reports of homes that are no more and courageous fathers who die while literally lying across their children to protect them.

And we are so very grateful to our wonderful heavenly Father who saw fit to protect our daughter, son-in-law and their young family.  We rejoice that yesterday, instead of picking out caskets for  three little children, my daughter was cheerfully picking out paint colors for their small rental home.  Instead of weeping over lost possessions, she was preparing to move what they salvaged into a much smaller home.  Instead of being bitter over losing a large home, she is thankful for a smaller home that will be easier to clean and it will be easier to keep up with her small children.  Instead of being saddened by the loss of a large yard, she was excited about the small fenced in yard where her little boys can play without her worrying about where they are.

Yes, they will have hard times ahead.  There is the loss of a home that lots of sweat and money have been poured into...  We are extremely thankful for the small group of believers they worship with who have come together to save the contents of their home, have worked to prepare the rental property and have helped in so many ways.  We are also thankful for James' parents who have been keeping the grandsons every day, providing shelter for the whole family, feeding and caring for them, and we are also very thankful for the care from James' home church that has offered much help as well.

What a blessing to see God's people reaching out to help others in need!  Sadly, there are many others who need help and there are many, many times that God's people DON'T fill those needs due to ignorance or indifference.  Where ever you are today, what ever you are doing, find someone who needs some help and fill that need.  Food, shelter, clothing, money, prayers all are much needed at this time.  I do have a challenge for you.....It is so very easy to say to someone that you will pray for them and I don't mean to make light of prayer at all, however....put some muscle behind that prayer and actually do something to be a blessing.  Meet a need in any way you can!!  Words come easily.  Actions are an investment into those lives who are hurting.    Lord, make me a blessing to someone today!


P.S.  Please, do not think this is a plea for help for my daughter and her family!!  They are so tremendously blessed and their immediate needs are being met.  They have food, clothing, shelter, help preparing a new home, help in clearing out the damage home and lots of aunts and uncles to help with the babysitting.  Most of their possessions that were worth keeping have been salvaged.  They do know how blessed they are and are extremely grateful.   But, even if you don't live in an area that has been ravaged by these storms there are so many needs in your own communities....You can meet a need if you just look around.


Roan said...

Please email me and let me know specifically what I can do for Lauren.


Cindy said...

Anita I wished I lived closer to help out physically or to even help with babysitting.We are struggling to make our bills right now...or I would send some with that little pitty party over...I do pray for her..and I even cried when I read of the loss of that father.To me you friends...are part of my spiritual family...and I know how powerful prayer can be!!
We celebrated a birth of our grandaughter last night...yet in my heaet I was so saddened with all the loss of so many.
Our God is awesome...and such a comforting God. Your daughters actions show she has her eyes on Him.
May God continue to bless and comfort you my friend!!

Hugs from a Sister in Christ..Cindy

Gina said...

I love it!! We are all called to serve! What a blessing and a refreshed perspective God has given us from this. God Bless <3

~And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.~

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Thank you for sharing, what a blessing to see her attitude, knowing she gets it honestly, from example. I'm encouraged to reach out, thankful her needs are met.
Prayers, Laura

Cindy said...

Anita...just found out out the man whom I was praying for was Sherry's husband.I am in shock!
There are no words...just heartache for your friends and family.I am so sorry.

Hugs Cindy

Farming Mama said...

Anita, I came over here from the barnyard hop & your comment about actions. I'm so thankful that your daughter's family is fine & has so many helpful hands caring for them. The tragedies that happened down in that area are so hard to read about. I'm so glad that there are so many hopeful positive outlooks for your daughter to focus on (fenced yard, smaller house).

Melinda said...

I linked here from Large Family Mothering when I read about your daughter's family's loss of their home in a comment you posted. We live in the South, too, near a town where a tornado struck. We are very grateful that our home was spared and my husband and sons have been doing some volunteer work cutting trees and such. They plan to go again this week-end. I am glad that your family's lives were spared and inspired that your daughter is looking at the positive. Thank you so much for calling the church to prayer and to help in other ways when that is possible. Also, thank you for urging people to reach out to those who have needs no matter where they live. I have not read quite enough about reaching out to the hurting and that saddens me. Maybe the scope of this tragedy is just too overwhelming or maybe it seems too far away for those who are in other regions of the country. I don't know, but I am making a point to thank those who are urging response from the Church.

I'd like to add that in the towns hit hardest near us, the Church is responding in many ways. I am also praying for a revival like the Great Awakenings to come out of this and other disasters we have experienced in our nation lately.

Thank you for sharing.

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