Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Grandchildren and More


Jeff and I with Lauren's five children: in Jeff's lap is Aidan followed by Eli, Carolina, Chase and Ashtyn Claire; in my lap is Devin's son, Haddon.  Not pictured is Devin's step-son, Joseph. 

 Lauren's husband was sick the day we took these pictures and didn't join us.  Lauren is expecting twins, a boy and a girl, in May.  We are still in shock!

When I last posted, Devin and Justin had just gotten married...way back in November of 2012!

Jordan married Anna in December of 2015.  Anna has been a friend of our family since she was 5 years old!  She and Jordan are expecting their first son, Andrew Scott, in just a couple of weeks.

We are so very thankful for the new additions to our family!  God has blessed us with great children, sons-and daughter-in-law and wonderful grandchildren.  We are excited to see how God works in our family as we continue to grow.

We're Back

I can't believe it's been over four years since I've posted here at Busy Hands Busy Minds.  There have been many changes within our family...mainly the additions of more grandchildren and a daughter-in-law.  We now have 7 grandchildren and three married children.  Three more grandchildren are due this spring...a first child for our oldest son and twins for our oldest daughter.

I hope to get back here much more frequently to share what we are learning in our homeschool, kitchen and in life.  God has been so good to us!  I'll be updating the sidebar information in the next day or two and hope to have another post to update you all on the past four years.
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