Saturday, April 2, 2011

Preparedness Challenge

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This week for the preparedness challenge, my family:

-made enough granola to last about 3 weeks

This canister holds two gallons.

-bought extra boxes of borax and washing soda to keep on hand to make laundry detergent
-bought extra bleach, toilet paper, epsom salts, vinegar and baking soda
-filled used water bottles with tap water and a few drops of bleach to replace what we used last weekend when we didn't have water
-made and froze about 5 pounds of cultured butter
-made about 5 quarts of  cultured butter milk
-learned how to make yogurt cheese and ricotta
-dried 2 pounds of mushrooms

One quart jar of mushrooms

-made 8 pints of applesauce

-organized and inventoried our food storage that is not in the kitchen
-ordered math curriculum for my 6 year old for the next 3 years ; )
-bought a dozen pint size canning jars
-bought lots of freezer bags, plastic wrap and aluminum foil
-got three more icing buckets from Kroger---I would love to have about 40....I need 34 more!!
-made another 4 x 12 raised bed
-researched pigs......and chickens.....some more. Just need to bite the bullet and do it!
-replaced a blueberry bush


Nancy C said...

I am definitely going to check out how to make cultered butter. It has become so expensive lately. Great blog. :)

Unknown said...

Anita - way to go!! I bet you're sleeping well at night - both from being tired and from knowing you're prepared in so many things. Are you taking Wardeh's cultured dairy course? (You may have already told me in a comment). I'm loving that class but working my way through slowly since the goat's I get milk from are dry right now. But their getting ready to kid again in May and then I'll really be able to get after it!
Thanks for linking up to the Preparedness Challenge!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Wow!! I just came over from Homestead Revival and am so impressed with all you've done this week! You are on a roll! Good job!

gfcfmomofmany said...

Anita, Great job! I love our homemade granola. With our allergies that is the only way we can have safe granola. Super easy though!
You are making me crave a milk goat :)
God bless
Heather L

Twisted Cinderella said...

That's awesome. I am only just at the beginning of building up my supplies.

Deborah said...

This week we got our very first storage bucket.

Kate at Wonderful Life Farm said...

I'm very impressed! That's a lot to accomplish in one week, especially because (as all moms know) there was also: meals to prepare, kids to teach, needs to meet, laundry, etc. Very inspiring!

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