Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Favorite Homeschooling Resources

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I thought I would do a little series discussing some of our favorite  resources that have blessed us through the 23 years of our homeschool journey.    Today's post will cover resources for homeschooling that cross all ages.

American Dictionary of the English Language

This dictionary was written in 1828 by Noah Webster and is the first American dictionary.  Why would we choose to own such an old dictionary?  The definitions of so much of our vocabulary has changed and it is important that we understand the meanings of the words as they were used when our Founding Fathers wrote up the documents that rule our lives today.    I also highly recommend reading a biography of Noah Webster.

Moody Science Classics DVDs

This is a huge series of science DVDs that were produced many years ago, but are still very interesting to all my children.  Science topics are discussed in a way that even young children can learn and all topics are taught within a distinctly Christian worldview.   Even my youngest children will watch these DVDs very intently.

Drive Thru History Series

We absolutely love this series of engaging historical DVDs.  Dave Stott loves history and presents the facts in a way that is amusing, but really helps cement the facts in our memories.   Filmed on locations throughout the world, we have especially enjoyed the series on American history.

Polished Cornerstones, Plants Grown Up and For Instructions in Righteousness from Doorposts have long been favorites in our home for instilling scripture and Godly character into our children.  We haven't been as diligent in using these resources in the last few years, but I am looking forward to using Polished Cornerstones with Kaelan starting next year as a major part of her junior and senior high curriculum.  For Instructions in Righteous needs a good dusting off and should be put to use as I try to instill Godly character in the little boys.  These really are terrific resources!!

KONOS  will always be my first love when it comes to curriculum for my children.  Written by two homeschooling moms way back when modern homeschooling was still in its infancy, KONOS was what God led us to in our early days of homeschooling.  This curriculum has helped us create so many wonderful family memories as we have learned together as a family.  It has become more difficult for me to incorporate as my children's ages are so very wide spread, but I am planning on starting the little boys in KONOS this fall.  We have missed the fun activities and the character training that is so much a part of the KONOS curriculum.

I'll continue this series each week sharing more about our favorite resources for high school, elementary and the preschool years.    If you have any questions about a particular resource, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you asap!

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Mary said...

We own and love the first three items on your list. Great post!

The dictionary (brace yourself) - I scored at a used book sale, brand new like it had never been cracked open - for $20. She actually wanted $5, but I couldn't do it and still sleep at night so I gave her $20. Best.Buy.Ever.

Farmer's Wyfe said...

This is SOOO helpful!! I'm going to look into the DVD's for my kids!! I love learning about the great resources and options out there!! I love that dictionary and really need to invest in one. My mom had one when she home-schooled us and I used it a lot. Thanks for sharing this!!

Mary said...

Thank you so much!!! These are so helpful! I am going to check out some of the resources that you mentioned for use with our family too! I look forward to hearing more on this topic!

Building Home with Him,

Mary Joy

MissMOE said...

All of these are such classics. Looking forward to reading the rest of your resource posts.

musicalmary said...

Thank you for the resources!!! I am saving your post for reference. Coming to you from the HHH!

joelle said...

Visiting from the HHH. These look like great resources. Thanks for sharing.

Renee M said...

Thanks, Anita. We enjoy the Moody Science Classics too. We would like to have the dictionary one day also. Sarah Anne and I have read through the Scripture references in the Polished Cornerstones book and hope to complete some of the projects as she grows older. Thanks for the reviews!

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