Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick! Prayer Requested!

Just checking in with a quick post while we still have electricity.  The weather forecast for today is stormy, indeed.   A very high probability of tornados were predicted in our area last night, but I am thankful to say that we didn't even lose power.    As always, when these storms hit, I become more and more aware of how unprepared we are to live without power.  Jeff has ordered a weather radio for us as we don't have cable or satellite TV and when the rains come our internet satellite generally goes out.

I just had a phone call as I was writing this from Lauren, our oldest daughter.  She and James, along with their six month old baby, went to Memphis yesterday for an overnight trip.  Apparently, a tornado hit in their small town.  She just called again to let me know that they have been notified by neighbors that the roof of their home is gone and so is the garage.  We are so very grateful that they were not at home!  If they had been at home, Lauren would have been at home alone with the children as James is a highway patrolman and is always called out during bad weather.  The little boys were staying overnight with James' parents and are fine.  Please pray for them as they travel back home to check on the damage and to gather what they can.  James does have some other homes that he rents out and two of them are empty so they can move in immediately.  Lauren, so like me, is mainly worried about her Christmas ornaments that we started collecting when she was just a few months old.

Please pray for their continued safety and peace.....Grateful for the Mercies God has shown and praying that they will be able to salvage some things from their home.


Cindy said...

Anita I will be keeping you in my prayers allll day!!Praise God that Lauren was not home. I will also ask that her ornaments and the childrens pictures survived.I know it is a frivolous prayer...but God knows the desires of our hearts.
Keep us posted.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Lori Alexander said...

What a beautiful story of God's protection!

Lori said...

So glad to hear they are safe! Will continue to pray for safety. Tornadoes are equal opportunity destroyers...not to mention random!
Keep up the God work.

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