Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Keeping Up with Myself

Some days I feel like I am passing myself coming and going!!  Trying to keep up with all the cooking, cleaning and schooling of a "normal" day and adding in milk production as well is keeping me hopping like a bunny rabbit.  There are several areas in the cleaning arena that are falling through the cracks these last few weeks, but in evaluating the other areas I am seeing progress.  I suppose I can't keep up all the plates I have spinning  up to speed every day.

I have been able to clean out a freezer and reorganize it and start filling it up with homemade frozen dinners for the next few weeks:  two lasagnas, beef enchiladas, BBQ pork for sandwiches and lots of soup are ready to go.

We had a small store in the area to have great prices on some meat, so my big freezer is full of pork loins and chicken breasts that I will be able to feed my family with for the next several months.

We are increasing our school work now as the garden work is mainly done and we just wait for the plants to start producing.  Raised beds mean little to no weeds, but we still need many more beds made for the huge number of seedlings that still reside in my dining room.  But, building beds is not my job!  LOL!

Milk production is a learning process.  I finally found a local source for rennet, so the next couple of days you will find me in the kitchen experimenting with mozzarella cheese.  I hope to make enough for our pizzas on Friday night.  I am making butter (at least a pound) every day, buttermilk, ricotta, and yogurt weekly.  It's like having a science lab in the kitchen!

Now the little boys are waiting to start the day with a book, then I will do our group studies with all of the children at the table.  Then, just maybe, I'll get a quick bath, do some laundry, get lunch, finish up school and make cheese before time to start dinner.....just maybe!


Mrs Adept said...

Turning the kitchen into a science laboratory. :o)

Roan said...

Busy! Busy!

You are so right about keeping the plates spinning...they just can't all spin. The butter gets made, the den floor gets neglected. The bathrooms are clean, but you didn't have time for a shower. I so understand! :)

i am still making bread, kneading by hand for up to 30 minutes, and now I have asked Jimmy for a Bosch.
Our 20 year anniversary is coming I thought that might be a great present! :)

Hope to see you soon,

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