Sunday, May 1, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week of May 2-8

This week I will be preparing food for Lauren's freezer as well as mine.  Lauren lost everything in her refrigerator/freezer due to the tornado after filling them on Monday.  Chicken pot pies, bbq pork for sandwiches, vegetable soup, bread and muffins are planned to make for the table and freezer this week.  Planning also on making up several buttermilk pies and pound cakes that will freeze well and perhaps a couple of different cookie recipes.  We also made up a few pans of enchiladas and meatloaf for the freezer and will share those as well.  It will be a busy week with all of this cooking and some of the children are preparing for piano and violin recitals which begin this weekend.  One or more of us will be heading down to help Lauren out at least one day this week and she may come up here as well.  Throw in a orthodontist appointment and some re-scheduled dentist appointments and I think we will definitely be occupied.  Here's what's cooking this week!

breakfast-blueberry muffins, bacon, eggs
lunch-vegetable soup, garlic toast
dinner-baked chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage

To do-make yogurt, butter, bread and vegetable soup

breakfast-baked oatmeal or grits
lunch-leftovers, yogurt cheese spread, crackers, popcorn, fruit
dinner-lasagne, bread, salad

To do-make chicken pot pies from leftover chicken, make granola and applesauce muffins, thaw pork loin

breakfast-strawberry fruit smoothies, applesauce muffins, eggs
lunch-yogurt cheese spread, crackers, popcorn, carrots, hummus, fruit
dinner-bbq sandwiches, cole slaw, roasted potatoes

breakfast-pancakes and sausage
dinner-meatball stroganoff over rice, broccoli, rolls

breakfast-granola and yogurt
lunch-bean tostadas
dinner-pizza, salad and dessert

To do:  make mozzarella cheese and butter

breakfast-biscuits, sausage, eggs, grits
lunch-leftovers, popcorn, fruit
dinner-beef roast, potatoes, carrots, onions, green beans

To do-make cinnamon rolls, freeze sausage biscuits

breakfast-cinnamon rolls
dinner-refrigerator clean out and dessert

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