Monday, May 23, 2011

Family Work Day: Outdoor Version

Saturday the entire family worked outside.  There was much to do!  I decided that I could no longer abide the hunter green doors, trim work and shutters.  I now have red doors and slate gray shutters!

Devin had made this painting for the front door several weeks ago.  It was the inspiration for my color choices.  The walls look so bright after being bleached and pressure washed!

Freshly painted shutters

Even the antique outdoor furniture got a face lift!   Turquoise glider and chair for the front porch.

An orange coffee table and glider for the back deck!

The blooms from the sage planted in the front yard.

The sage is doing wonderfully!
 We also were able to bleach and pressure wash the front of the house.  The sides, back and garage will happen later this week.  We still have to paint all of the hunter green wood work around the porch.  It will be white and it will take a while!  There's a lot of it!

The azaleas were beautiful a few weeks ago!

This storm door will be replaced and that white door also painted red.  And yes, that's me working the pressure washer!  By the end of the day may arms and face were quite red!

Caedmon enjoyed being outside all day and playing in the puddles created by the pressure washer.

We also set out a few more perennials and some herbs and hung some baskets of flowers on the porch.  I need to find a good price on outdoor ceiling fans as the ones on the porch quiet working and look horrible.  It is really nice to sit out on the porch with the fans going in the summer.  It's a great place to make ice cream, shell peas or shuck corn, or just to read a book!  Having it all cleaned up and freshly painted will make it even more enjoyable for our family and creates a welcoming environment for visitors.


Barb J. said...

Sounds like you had a busy Saturday. We tried to get some outdoor work done but the temp was in the 90s, so we stopped a lot sooner than we thought we would.

Nancy said...

That is going to look awesome when you finish. Like a new house. :)

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