Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wise and Witty Sayings of My Two Little Men

My two little guys can come up with some doozies!!  I have noticed that every time I wear a skirt Caedmon says, "Mom, you're beauful!"  Beautiful in two year old language and then immediately asks me to dance!! Hmmm, what is about about men and women in skirts?

I walked into the kitchen the other day to find Caedmon digging in the sugar bucket.  Yes, bucket!!  I buy in bulk for my big family, remember?  Anyway, he saw me and with his sugar-coated face and hands said, "Look, Mommy!!  It's nummy!!"

It's a plane!

And then on Sunday as we were traveling to church I was talking with Jeff about how my hands were stained from the onions I had been chopping onions all weekend for the dehydrator.  Little ears in the back seat were listening in and a little later Jackson gave me some advice.  "Mom," he said, " I think you need to let Kaelan do more cooking in the kitchen.  You are getting too old for all that chopping and cooking!"  Bless his heart!  He'll be looking out for his old momma for sure one day!

Learning to chop firewood.

Now that's a face that will melt your heart for sure!

I am so very thankful for these future men that God gave me in my 40's!  What a blessing we would have missed out on if we followed the wisdom of the world.  God's ways are always better....even if on some days I feel like Sarah!

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Tammy said...

Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed that. Funny, I just used Ecc. 9:10 in my blog today and then found you. Your newest follower. Hope you can visit me too.

Mary Joy said...

Oh wow! How I relate! I had my first at the age of 35 and my second at the age of 41. God is so good as He takes care of us. I am so blessed by my little blessings. I am younger now than ever because of how they keep me young.

Your little guys are SO precious!!! I love the pictures!!! And the special moments you shared. Isn't it good to know that our guys recognize the fact that looking feminine in pretty skirts is beautiful? My 2 yr old said something similar to me the other day! What a joy they are to us.

Thanks for sharing all of these!!

Building Home with Him,

Mary Joy

Angela ~ said...

I have 3 young men and enjoyed reading about yours ;) Hope you will stop ny and read about them.
I also have a soap blog and am giving away 8 bars to 8 bloggers who will write a review.

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