Friday, September 9, 2011

What Brings You Here?

Just wondering how you found your way to Busy Hands Busy Minds.  Do I know you in real life or just from the bloggy world?  I find it interesting to see the path that you all take to get here.  The following links show where most of my blog traffic comes from.  Some of these may be new to you, so I hope you will check them out!

1.  Amy blogs about homesteading, homemaking and homeschooling.  I link up to her blog on Saturdays for the prep challenge and on Mondays for the barn hop.

2 and 3.  networked blogs and Facebook connections

4.   features many guest writers who focus on raising their daughters to be keepers at home.  I link up there on Wednesdays sharing recipes and household tips.

5.  linkwithin  found at the bottom of each blog post, clicking on the pictures will take you to another post on Busy Hands that is related to the current post

6.  features Wardeh teaching all about nourishing foods.  I link up there most Thursday's for her Simple Thursday blog hop.

7.  Sometimes a strange website features my blog for some unknown reason.  We share no interests so I really don't know why they share my link, but right now this particular one is at number 7.  I will not share the address as I don't want to send them any traffic.   : )

8.  google searches--most common is just searching for the blog, but others are "prayer for a new school year", "victoria botkin"

9.  more linkwithin posts

10.  hosts the Monday barn hop with

11.  Busy Hands Busy Minds is listed almost at the end of this page for large families...that means that we are one of the smallest featured here!

12.  Actually someone I know and who would recognize me at the grocery store.  Roan and I have been friends in real life for about 10 years as we live in the same area and both homeschool.  Our paths don't often cross much these days as she and her family are busy running and my family is busy with our homesteading endeavors.  Roan is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog.  Her family is just as sweet as well!

13.  I link up a favorite recipe here every so often on Saturdays.  Lots of great new recipe ideas are to be found.

14.  Kimberly and I would be friends in real life....if we lived closer together that is!!  We are in neighboring states and next time we head up to the Smokies I hope we can meet up with her blessedly large family.

So, did you find Busy Hands through one of these links or another one?  Please let me know!  I have great fun looking at new blogs and coming across Busy Hands Busy Minds listed in a blog roll of someone I've never person or online.  Stop by and introduce yourself.....please!  ; )  Oh, and just because she was here last week and just because we finally got a picture...let me introduce my granddaughter who will be one year old next month...  Ashtyn Claire is a petite little sweety!


Anonymous said...

Hello, i can't remember exactly,maybe grocery cart ? i was searching for infos about menu planning and " simple " living

Adeline said...

sorry, i choose anonymous instead of name : Adeline from france

Paula said...

Hmm...I must have found you through a link on someone else's blog for the Botkin Curriculum advice cds...which I won, and love, BTW! :)
So glad I found you, however it was!

DeliveringGrace said...

I can't remember-probably Raising Homemakers although for some reason I thought it was through a Five in a Row link. I read Raising Olives too.
Sorry to be so vague.

JessyLynn said...

Someone suggested your blogs facebook. I think it was Cindy Ray, but dont hold me on that, then I was added to the homestead group, also by Cindy Ray. Yall are both pretty awesome women. I love your blog

Mrs Mary Joy Pershing said...

What a great question! I don't completely remember...but it was probably from Raising Homemakers. Either way, I am SO glad that I did! You are such a sweet heart! I don't know you in real life but sure wish I did. I would love to work side by side in your kitchen, learning to can and freeze the yummies you all make! :D

Blessings, sister!

Mary Joy

Unknown said...

I honestly can't remember how I first found you. It would have either been through another blog I read or by searching my interests and related blogs through blogger. I'm so glad I did find you though, I really enjoy your blog!

Barbara said...

I like most others dont remember how I came across your blog...but my choice would be you must have commented on another blog I read and your comment made me want to check out your blog...I have been reading you for quite some time now and have never commented I dont believe...I also would love to be in your kitchen when all that cooking is going on...from reading your blog and all that you freeze, I now cook bigger dinners to freeze leftovers to use at another time...Just wanted to let you know I love your blog and enjoy reading about your family...


Melissa Carr said...

If I remember correctly, I believe I started following after reading a link up from the Barn Hop, don't quote me because I could be wrong! I love all the ideas you share...I believe my favorite story was about the trampoline chicken tractor...I thought that was a fabulous idea!
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas that you share.

Laura said...

I'm here from Homestead Revival. Love your blog and the wonderful resources that you share.

Rachel E. said...

I honestly don't know. It may be raisingolives, or megafamilies. Anyway, cute picture of your little girl.

6Jellybeans said...

Hi! After I adopted 3 little girls to add to the three I am now raising on my own. I was looking for tips on large families and simple living. I would love to live a homestead life style so your tips, sincerity spoke to my heart as I too have been called to live a life that is much different from typical. I believe I found your blog from a comment on a linky through Raising Olives. DeAnn 6jellybeans@blogspot

Vanessa said...

Actually, I've only been reading your blog for about a week, but it still took me awhile to remember how I got here! Your breakfast prep blog was featured on The Homeschool Channel, I linked from there and have been coming back every couple of days to "catch up".

Anonymous said...

I actually can't remember how I found your blog. I've been coming here for quite awhile. It may have been through one of the homesteading blogs you mentioned.......
I just keep a running list on my sidebar of blogs I like to visit and I run through them to catch up.
I've always enjoyed visiting here.
God bless.

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