Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Boys' School

 Yesterday we had a few extra students in our homeschool.  My oldest daughter, Lauren, had her bi-annual check-up with her pulmonary doctor and we watched her three little ones while she was away.  When I went outside to greet them and get some grandma hugs, I asked grandson Chase, 4,  what we should do.  His response?  "Schoolwork!"  So after lunch and cleanup we proceeded to do just that.

Naps were out for the two year olds.  Usually fighting like cats and dogs, Elisha and Uncle Caedmon were caught peacefully sitting together on the couch looking at books.  Caedmon is a whole 5 months older than Eli.

Chase and I worked on tracing his name for a little while and then I broke out the pattern blocks.  I know we have had these blocks for at least 20 years now....and still use them weekly!  I had Chase sort the blocks by color and then I made a simple picture and had him copy it to the side.  I then placed a few blocks in a row and had him copy.  That was a little more challenging for him.

You can sense his deep concentration. ; )

A pretty flower that he said looked like WalMart.  Does WalMart have a symbol like this?

And while I was working with Chase, Jackson took a break and did this!  Yes, seeing my boys upside down and sideways is not that unusual...even during school time!

Elisha and Caedmon eventually settled on the rug to play with a huge box of Duplos.  I have a rule that the Duplos (or whatever they are playing with) must stay on the rug.  Yeah, right!

Caedmon was caught in a thoughtful moment.

All the little boys moved to the school table.  Jackson was instructing Caedmon in putting together a puzzle (no instruction was needed, but he is the big brother).  Chase was matching patterned four leaf clovers in a file folder game that I printed from a website.

Busily occupied with learning activities

Elisha is putting together a circus puzzle that is over 20 years old!

Fun times with the boys!  So grateful to have the opportunity to teach my own little boys and occasionally the grandsons as well.


Joyfull said...

How sweet! Looks like some cherished memories and learnng also went on at grandma's house!!

Unknown said...

That is fantastic. How wonderful to be able to not only teach your own children but also your grandchildren. Love it!!!!

Unknown said...

"Busy Hands Busy Minds" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

Rachel E. said...

Yes, Walmart went from the smiley face to a sun. Your design looked like the sun.

It looks like the kids had a lot of fun.

Erika Shupe said...

Precious, I can see their little minds working and growing as they go. Love it. What a great mama. You invest in your little people - God would be pleased. =)

Roan said...

Sam's favorite position while I am reading aloud to him is standing on his head on the couch!

What a blessing to be able to keep your grandchildren and have them play with your little children too. Fun! I have saved all of my wooden puzzles and things too. I am looking forward to when I have little ones to play with them also.

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