Monday, September 26, 2011

This Week and an Egg-citing Update!

Late-breaking news!!  After posting early this morning, we all got busy with breakfast and chores.  My chicken wrangler excitedly headed back into the house with the news that we have an egg!!  Unfortunately, the chicken wrangler is deathly allergic to eggs so another child gets egg wrangling duty.

I think Jackson is still a little sleepy!!

A small egg from an Americauna, but it's a start!

Now back to our regular post!

Hoping to get back to a more "normal" family schedule this week, I thought it would be helpful to type up all the projects that need to be started or completed for the week.  You know, those things that get put aside for the more urgent needs such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and school work.  Jeff and Jordan should have a few days off this week so I am really hoping some of these heavier projects can get completed.

-can applesauce--The applesauce is already made, I just need to heat it up and get it canned...this morning!

-finish clearing out the boys' room--Four boys whose upcoming birthdays will make them 3, 7, 15 and 19 all share a room.  We've pulled out all the toys and there is still much that needs to go.  I've got boxes of construction toys and train sets everywhere.  The grandsons will be getting some of them, some we will keep and some special sets will be stored away.

-yard and garden clean up--Much to do there....limbs and trash need to be burned, I need some beds built for herbs, an addition to the compost bin needs to be made and I want pine needles gathered from the woods to be used between the garden beds.

-chicken coop--Needs to be completed!  The layers need a permanent home before they actually start laying.

-laundry room  closet makeover--Everything will have to come out of the laundry closet including the hot water heater and the floor.  The hot water heater must be replaced, water damage repaired, new shelving installed, unused items gotten rid of and all will be painted.

--We did actually get some garden work done on Saturday now that my gardener and his dad have finished up the filming on their new project.  Cabbages, broccoli and brussel sprouts were added to the lettuces, turnips and spinach.  I want to have him make some coverings for the newer plants to protect them from the direct sun and to get started on making some miniature green houses to keep our harvest going longer.

--And when all of this is done, I have finally picked out colors to paint the kitchen, dining room, hallway and back entrance.  I've been holding off getting our home decorated for fall/Thanksgiving because I want the painting done first, but I may just have to decorate anyway.  Reality is setting in and I can see that time and resources are being stretched so that this project just may not get done. It's a huge project as the walls and ceilings are bare tongue and groove wood, but I am so eager to see it done!


Cinnamon said...

Hello Anita, I found you over at Keeper of the Home.

What a beautiful family you have. I chuckled as I read your list of to do's or "want to's" and how you have all those boys in one room. We have 4 girls in one big room and we are continually rotating toys and de-cluttering.

I'll be back to visit soon~ Cinnamon

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Now that is one busy mama...I smiled at your post about the four boys sharing a we are trying to figure out how to get two more boys that we are adopting into an already full house...I guess putting the four of them together is doable....if the ministry allows:-)


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