Thursday, September 22, 2011

Best Ever Brownies from Bells Best cookbook

This is Kaelan, just so you don't get confused! :) This is a "chocolate post". 

Okay, I made a batch of B.E. brownies today, and Mom decided to let me blog about them. I've probably been making these brownies for about two to three years. Apparently, I make very good brownies. : ) Oh, there are no pictures because the camera was plugged into the computer, sorry! I'll tell you what the recipe says and then my substitutes. Okay, let's get started with the recipe:

                                           Best Ever Brownies 

            1 c. sugar
            1\2 c. butter
            2 eggs
            2 sq. chocolate, melted
           1\2 c. sifted flour 
            1\2 tsp. salt
           1 tsp. vanilla
           1\2 c. broken nuts

       Combine sugar and butter and beat well. Add eggs and beat again. Stir in chocolate, flour, and salt.  Mix until smooth. Add vanilla and nuts.  Pour into a greased 8x8x2 inch pan and bake in 350* oven for 25-30 minutes. (the secret is not to over-cook them).  

Okay, here are my substitutes: instead of hard chocolates, use (for a double batch) 1\4 c. cocoa powder and for the nuts, just skip them and add chocolate chips! : ) 

For a family of six, a double batch is perfect for each person to have two brownies, just use a 9x13 pan. My brownies are in the oven and the aroma is over-powering! When you add the chocolate chips, don't mix them in the batter, wait until you have your greased pan and pour your batter in, you can sprinkle the chips on your brownies, and I usually get a spoon and kinda mix them gently into the pan. 

I hope you make these brownies soon, and when you do, go all out with the chocolate!!! 

This post has been published by Kaelan Elizabeth Chamblee, age twelve, 4 months, and 3 days. Adios amigos! (and enjoy your brownies!) :) 

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Trixi said...

Kaelan, these look great. We love brownies around here and I will have to get my girls to try this recipe! Great job.

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