Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chickens and Fall Garden

We let the chickens out of the chicken tractor on Saturday so they could spread their wings and scratch around a little more.  Twenty-two chickens were flying everywhere!  I was afraid we wouldn't be able to gather them all back up, but they all got back in the tractor by themselves by mid-afternoon.

Here, Caedmon is trying to catch a chicken.  I think he probably delayed the laying of the first eggs by chasing them around the tree.

In the middle we have a cuckoo maran, an americana and a buff orpington. 

The buffs are so pretty in the sunshine!

Jordan (almost 19) caught a cuckoo maran for Caedmon (almost 3).

Look at those big feet!  And these birds are just a few months old!

A four by four bed planted with spinach

Another 4 x 4 with a variety of lettuce

bell peppers are finally producing

We still have several beds of tomatoes that we will probably pull up this week and use the green tomatoes in some canning recipes and in this one  for green tomato cheese muffins as well.  That's it for today!  How are things going on your homestead?

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