Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vision Forum 20% Off Sale plus $5 Shipping!

Have you heard?  Vision Forum has a great sale on right now, just in time for your holiday shopping!  All of the VF products are 20% off and shipping is only $5.  Plus, if your order is over $150 you get a coupon for $10 off your next purchase.   I am making my list of books, DVDs, curriculum and CDs that I would like for our family and some of the boys have been poring over the catalog.  Trying to teach them that covetousness is a sin, but they do have a couple of things each that they would like to see under the tree.  Thought I would share with you some of the items that we have enjoyed through the years and some that are on my personal wish list.

We have all enjoyed the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure series.  This is the newest release and the ONLY one that we don't currently have.

I highly recommend this series of homemaking/homesteading DVDs produced by our friends at Franklin Springs.  We have been so inspired with the entire set, but we have been encouraged to put more effort into our gardening and have even begun making our own homemade soaps.

This Frugal Library set is on my list for a future purchase.  We can all learn to be more frugal and to learn to do things the old-fashioned way to save money and to just enjoy the fruit of your hands.

I am sure Aaron and his friend from down the road would love these books.  Right now they get together often to work on the science experiments in the science textbook they both are using.  This would be right up their alley!

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We have both the doll and book in this set.  The doll is very good quality.  I have to admit that I haven't finished reading the book.  My friends, the Farewell's, often said, "So many books, so little time!"  Yeah, just not enough time to read everything I would like.

The big boys actually had both of these items.  After many years and lots of play I think they are somewhere out in the deep woods on our little homestead.  I know a six year old, though, who would really enjoy them now.

I heard the young man down the road discussing this product the other day.  He must have them on his wish list!  I can just see him and his brother going at it and having lots of fun.  Maybe they could pretend they are defending their lovely little sister.

Click on any of the pictures here to go directly to that product or click on my Vision Forum affiliate button in the right hand column of my blog.    If you are going to purchase from VF I would really appreciate it if you go through my blog.  I will receive a commission which means that I could get the items that I have been eyeing for my own family.  Coveting, no, not me!  Just love so much of what VF has to share.  Hurry, though!  The sale ends later this week!

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Roan said...

Thanks for this info. I have been wanting the new Large Family Logistics book, but didn't want to pay the hefty shipping.
I can get it now!
Are y'all going to the newspaper trip or bowling Friday? I would love to visit with you. It's been forever!

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