Monday, November 22, 2010

A Fall Day

On our little homestead.

Today has been a very productive day!  Devin started the day making bath salts and sugar scrubs and finished up with buttermilk pies and cornbread yeast rolls.  I made two wreaths from the herbs that I harvested the other day.  Jordan finished a paper for school and took this wonderful pictures for me.  Aaron practiced piano a good bit and worked on his science lab with the young man from down the road.  Kaelan assisted Devin in the kitchen and they both spent some time with their violins.  Jackson and Caedmon just had a fun day playing out in the unusually warm weather.

Finding pretty leaves.

                This is Jackson's somber Pilgrim face.  He woke up this morning and promptly put on his "Pilgrim" costume.

Black rubber boots are a necessity around our little homestead.

Playing on the slide.

He just melts my heart!  Jackson has his first loose tooth and I am a little sad about that!

More beautiful leaves.

Apparently the middle kids took the leaf blower out in the front yard and created a winding path.  

Tomorrow I hope to post pictures of some of the items that we created today.  Hope you are all having a wonderful time preparing for the holidays!

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Anonymous said...

oh, I love paths throuhgh dry leaves! Lovely pics, and adorable kids!

the H

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