Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Saturday Before Thanksgiving!

Today we gathered all the sage and thyme that remained in our garden.  I have about 12 bundles of thyme and there will be several bundles of sage to add the four that have already dried.

Some of the colors of fall from our neck of the woods.

A dogwood from the side of our house.  I had never realized that dogwoods had little berries in the fall.  
Busy cleaning, organizing freezers in preparation for a quarter of beef we should be getting in the next couple of weeks, harvesting the last of the herbs, cooking for our Thanksgiving feast and enjoying time working together.  Now, Jeff and I are off to enjoy an evening out...eating dinner and a little shopping.

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Melanie said...

gorgeous pics! the fall colors are beautiful. we have color here year round, but it's not quite the same as the fall leaves.
btw... the little red berries on your dogwood are the fruit from this past spring's flowers.

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