Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bathroom Reveal

Our boys' bathroom has been almost finished!  I can't call it finished as there is STILL some paint touch-ups that need to be done, a back splash installed and a print to hang.   Building a bathroom from scratch was a learning experience for us all.

Jeff had our friendly plumber/builder build the shower for us from scratch.  They also moved the plumbing for the toilet which involved tearing up the concrete with a jack hammer.  Jackson loved that and he loved watching the "worker men" each day....for three weeks!!

Our "worker men" know now all of our children's names and they know a good bit about homeschooling as well.  This is Kaelan's handprint in the base of the shower.  They asked her to put it there.  It is, of course, now covered with tile.

Jeff and the boys hung the sheetrock.  Part of our house is walled in tongue and groove boards.  It is raw and very primitive.  For YEARS I have wanted to paint it.  Jeff has wanted to sheetrock over it.  Until now!  This is the second bathroom remodel he has done that included sheetrock and he has decided the wood in the other parts of the house can now be painted!  Yippee!  Devin has decreed though, that the girls' bathroom must be sheetrocked (pretty please, Daddy dear!) and Jeff has agreed to one more sheetrock job, but then it's time to paint.  I'm so excited about that.  He only agreed after the trouble with the sheetrock and after seeing several issues of Southern Living with homes with painted tongue and groove wood.  

They were so excited to have a picture taken, but really, I had to document for all time!

The shower is almost finished and the floor is tiled.  All the walls are now sheetrocked.

The walls are now painted, cabinets are hung,  and the toilet is going in!

Shower door installed!

And we're finished....almost!

I have a print to hang on this diagonal wall on the right.

I have decided to go with orange accents.   We have deep orange candles on the cabinet above the toilet and a orange, red, brown glass candle holder on the vanity.  A orange, red and brown bath mat and orange hand towels complete the bathroom.

One more bathroom to go and then we can tackle the painting of the dining room, hallway, boys' room, girls' room, laundry room, and kitchen.  We are going to paint the cabinets in the kitchen as well.  Can't wait till after the holidays to get started on some of these remodels.


Melanie said...

looks awesome; your guys did a great job! love the color. I know you are so happy to have it done... it's been a while coming, hasn't it ;)

The dB family said...

It looks gorgeous! What a lot of work. Your men did a beautiful job!


P.S. My word verification for this was 'remudol'. Too funny!

Roan said...

That bathroom looks fabulous! What a great job they did. I know you are so happy to have it done.
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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