Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big B Little B

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What begins with "B"? 
Biggest big brother and littlest brother, too!

Romping in the leaves

Add another little brother

And lots of blessed bouncing fun!

Jordan's birthday was a couple of weeks ago.  He is now 18 years old!!

And, like any good book lover, he got more books for his birthday.  This time Jeff Shaara's early American history books covering the War for Independence and the Mexican American War.  He also got  a couple of his beloved flannel shirts.  And he got to go to Jackson for a photography workshop that was right up his alley.

Caedmon tried on a new hat!

After dinner at a local Mexican restaurant we came home for a cookie cake and ice cream.  A yummy night for all!  (And please, just ignore the laundry that some neglectful child didn't put away!)

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The dB family said...

Looks like a great day! Happy 18th Birthday to Jordan!


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