Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day


We had a very nice Thanksgiving Day visiting with Jeff's folks and Lauren's family.  I did learn two things:  I really need to make sure my oven is clean before I start doing tons of baking and I really need a larger roasting pan for our turkey.  Let's just say there was lots of smoke and we were very thankful for the warm temps that permitted us to open doors and windows and were thankful that my friend down the road was not using her oven at the time that I needed to finish up the casseroles and dinner rolls.  Thanks, Lori!!

Jeff gathered us all in the den for a time of singing, scripture and testimony.

Caedmon and Jackson are ready to eat!

Not sure what Aaron is doing!

Getting things ready!

Checking in with the little guys!

Many hands in the kitchen make light work, but there's not much elbow room in my walk-thru galley.

Look at the leftovers!

Too many helpers in here!

Chase decides to do some outdoor work.

Elisha's wants to help.

What did I miss?

The stories he could tell....if he could only talk.

Uncle Jack gives directions...and yes, he picked out his Thanksgiving wardrobe.

A sweet picture of Chase.

What have you got, Eli?

Another shot of Chase....but where are Caedmon and Ashtyn Claire and the adults at the table.  My photographer must have spent more time eating than taking pictures this year.

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The dB family said...

Oh but adorable photos they are! Looks like it was a wonderful day with family.


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