Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christian Book Distributors--FREE shipping on orders over $35!!

Are  you like me and tired of all the frenzy that goes on with shopping in this season?  Stay at home and do your shopping in comfort and in your own time!  Christian Book Distributors has just issued a free shipping pass on orders over $35 from now until December 9.  Click on my affiliate link on the right hand of my blog or do a search for any product just under the link.  To get your free shipping use promotion code 338509 when you checkout.

I had already filled my shopping cart last night and then had this email from CBD this morning.  This will save me several dollars so I am so glad to share it with you as well.   My list includes biographies of missionaries who served in Asia for part of our geography studies next semester, a puzzle map of Asia, * books to read to the little guys, a specially requested DVD and book for Aaron, some curriculum and some Vision Forum products.  I would really appreciate you going through my link if you are going to make a purchase.  Every little bit will help me buy more books and curriculum for my homeschooling family.  There are also great gifts, games, toys, books,  CDs, DVDs and so much more.  You should also check out their Vision Forum prices!

Enjoy your shopping!

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April D said...

Hi Anita,
A free shipping code from CBD is ALMOST like a Christmas gift, isn't it? I had ordered some things last week with a 10% coupon, but the free shipping email made me VERY happy. It's so nice to not have to go into the stores with a little herd of children this time of year.
I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving! We will be visiting my family in S.MS, ourselves--a little closer to where you are. :)

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