Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Phonics Fun with Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are saving the day around here....or at least the phonics lessons!  The other day I wrote about using the sticky notes here.  Previously I wrote about setting aside the bells and whistles phonics program I purchased for my wiggly sixth child and started using the Alphaphonics program that worked so well with his older siblings.

Yesterday Jackson was still struggling with staying focused so again I wrote out each word on a sticky note and just to get him moving in a positive way after he read each word he was allowed to jump off the bench where he was sitting and place the sticky note on my bedroom door which opens to the school area.  Bingo!!  This was so fun and exciting to him!  He was very pleased to have a visual depicting the words he correctly read.  Smiles and laughter during phonics lessons are much better than scowls and whining!

Each day for handwriting practice I have Jackson write each of his phonics words for the day.  I use Startwrite to make up the handwriting sheets each week.  Check out the link in my sidebar for a free trial download for this amazing resource.  I review the previous day's lesson with Jackson before starting on a new lesson.  Now I will have him read the words to me from the door or I will call out the word and he will find it on the door and spell it to me.

Writing, reading, spelling and movement---using several tricks to get the  phonics lessons learned in simple ways.  It's a good thing I have several packs of sticky notes that I picked up at the back to school sale a few years ago.  Yeah, I picked up LOTS of them!

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Loretta & Amanda said...

I always had to be creative with Caleb. He was my "high energy," easily distracted child.

Caseybumpinalong said...

What a great idea! I've been thinking of trying out Alpha Phonics for my youngest. Glad you mentioned it.

Jodi said...

Love how you realize the needs of your little one. So many times I have had to scrap what I was doing . . . well thought out plans that worked for one child and not the other. I am going to have to try out those practice writing sheets. I soooo need something like that! THanks for linking up!

Anonymous said...

Adorable picture of your little guy!!

Live~Laugh~Loe said...

Hi stopping by from HHH, great phonics idea.. looking forward to getting to know your blog, i will follow :)

Sarah said...

I found you on HHH and love this idea, I will be visiting often to see the other fun things you do. I love the simplicity. Leonardo DeVinci said "simplicity is the new sophistication" and I think he is right.

Makita said...

Here from HHH ... great idea! I have an active little boy as well. I need more post-its!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

What a great way to think outside the box! Love it!

MR Lakshmi said...

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