Tuesday, October 18, 2011

McGuffey: On Diligence

If you are not diligent in the improvement of your time, it is one of the surest evidences that your heart is not right with God.  You are placed in this world to use your time well.  In youth you must be preparing for future usefulness.  If you do not improve the advantages you enjoy, you sin against your Maker.

"With books, or work, or healthful play,
Let your first years be past,
That you may give, for every day,
Some good account at last."

-McGuffey's Eclectic Third Reader

We are using our McGuffey Readers again for our language lessons and it is so nice having such Godly wisdom to glean from as we are learning language skills.   Copywork, dictation, spelling, vocabulary and oral reading as well as some grammar instruction are all included in our weekly lessons, but even more important are these "extras"....Biblical wisdom that is often neglected in modern curriculum.  This week's lesson is on punctuality...another wonderful lesson to learn early in life!


Annika said...

Wow! Powerful words, right on! Great reminder of what I should be doing with my time. Thank you. Stopping by from the Hop.

MissMOE said...

We haven't used our McGuffy Readers for several years. Perhaps, it's time to pull them out again. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

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Cinnamon said...

We love McGuffey's! So good!


Tonya said...

What a great idea!! I'll have to look into those next year!! The sound like they are full of great wisdom!! (and your pictures in your newest post are FUN!! What great shots your kids take! :) ) Oh, and I needed to stop in and let you know you won a painted pumpkin, so be sure to stop in and let me know for sure which one you want, and what your mailing address is. :) Have a great week!!!

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