Monday, October 17, 2011

Looking Around

Harvesting sweet potatoes
We experiemented with planting sweet potato peels and wound up actually growing some.  We planted them in a little bed made from a wooden gate off of our front porch.  Just using what we find!

However, this is how one of the potatoes grew!!  Now we know we can do it, so we will take better care next year.

The picture of the lettuce bed is from over a week ago.  The lettuce is much larger now and salads are on the menu for almost every day.

The turnip greens are also much bigger than this now.  We'll have turnip greens on the menu next week.

Our peppers didn't do much this summer, but are now putting out.  

As are the hot peppers...pepper jelly is on the agenda!

Hoping to have some cabbage later.

And we have eggs....We have one americauna that gives one egg a day.  The cuckoo marans and buff orpingtons have not begun laying yet, but we did add 10 other layers to our flock last week.  They are giving us about 7 eggs a day.  We think they are a cross between Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns.  We now have 26 hens and 8 roosters.  The roosters have now been moved to the chicken tractor and will soon be arriving at their final destination.

Late last week I went produce shopping and got great deals on apples, russet potatoes, sweet onions and sweet potatoes.  The dehydrator has been running this weekend with onions and I also want to do the russet potatoes.  Apples will be made into cakes, pies and applesauce and just eaten plain.  We also ordered a hog to be slaughtered!!  Can't wait to have that meat in the freezer!  Now to find a grass-fed cow...

Jeff and the boys have been working on my laundry closet has been cleared out, cleaned up, painted, a new cabinet put in and organized with miscellaneous items, and tile has been laid.  Tonight the washer and dryer will be put back in and I will have a gazillion loads of laundry to do.   We still have to get a new hot water heater installed, but I am thrilled so far with the progress.  Painting the mud room this week and then laying tile there and in the kitchen as well.  We are on a roll!!  Painting the rest of our tongue and groove unpainted wooden walls and ceilings in the kitchen, dining room and hallway are on the agenda for the next month as well as painting the wood walls in the boys room and painting some furniture.  And then there is the cooking, the cleaning and the schooling to do as well!  Always busy!  Always blessed!


Intentional Living Homestead said...

Stopping by from Barn Hop to say hello. You have a beautiful family.

Cannot believe that sweet potato...that will feed a crowd nicely:-)


Tonya said...

What a great potato!! :) Looks like you all are SUPER busy!! I'm envious of your chickens...hoping next spring we can FINALLY get some!!!

Melissa Naasko said...

I also wish that I had chickens! Sadly, they are illegal in my town. Which is, to put it mildly, crazy since they are trying to lure the stock show from the big city out here to the burbs. *Sigh* Maybe someday.

Gabe said...

That sweet potato is so cool, and how great to have chickens! Someday we hope to have some too!

You've got some great projects going. It you sure are busy and blessed!

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