Monday, October 10, 2011


Checking things off the to do list, that is!!  This past week Jeff and the children were able to complete the chicken coop and run and moved the birds into their permanent home.  It was quite amusing to see them trying to move the chicken tractor from the front of the house (redneck, or what?  We do have a huge yard that is not seen from the road and the chickens were kept away from the house).  The back yard slopes down, so it was a long process to get the chicken tractor to the coop.  I don't thave pictures of all the little devices that Jeff came up with inside the coop, but will get  some later in the week.

Kaelan was walking behind to make sure the chickens were keeping up with the coop as Jeff was pulling it.

Kaelan climbed in the tractor to get the chickens out one at a time.

She passed the chickens to Aaron who thought it was quite humorous!

The passing of the chicken

Jackson got the final chicken out.

Caedmon was glad NOT to be participating.

This rooster got into a fight with another rooster and now has a broken leg.  He will be in the stewpot soon.

Since that big job was completed Jeff was able to begin some indoor work....on the laundry closet!  Our hot water heater had been leaking and finally quit working altogether.  To remove it meant moving out the washer and dryer.  So after all three were removed along with everything else crammed in there, the vinyl flooring was ripped out, floor and walls were bleached, Zinzer paint was applied to the walls and then a coat of regular paint.  It looks so much better than the bare tongue and groove board!  We are now even more excited to get the rest of the older part of the house painted. Next weekend the laundry closet and small mud room will be tiled.  Then we will install the new hot water heater and some new cabinets. I will be so glad when that is finished!

The Great Declutter Challenge continues and I have gathered up many more books, gadgets and other items to get rid of.   A huge part of the decluttering resulted in moving four sets of bookshelves and reorganizing four others.  There is actually some empty space on some!  We were also able to clean out and reorganize all the freezers and the refrigerator.  This week I will do some kitchen cabinets and maybe even do some in the master bedroom.  Jeff and the boys also found some time to start the decluttering in the barn and garage.  Our big trailer is full of items and trash to haul to the dump next Saturday.

In the midst of all of this we had our three grandchildren ages 4, 2 and 1 here for the weekend and we decorated the house for fall.  We are all a little tired this morning and several of us seem to be coming down with a cold.  I think we are more than ready for some downtime, just doing our normal day-to-day routine with school and housework.

So, did you have a busy weekend?  Are you doing some home improvement projects?  I would love to hear what you have been up to!


Missy said...

We just had our water heater (that had been leaking and finally quit) replaced. It had to come out of a hole just barely big enough to fit through and up a ladder to remove! That thing was heavy! We're mostly trying to finish up the garden digging the last of the potatoes and onions and trying to declutter in hopes of a move in the not too distant future! I enjoy your blog. God bless!

av無碼性愛 said...


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