Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

Devin has been painting door signs and more for the last few months.  Lately she has been inspired by some entries on Pinterest.  I haven't ventured over there myself and I have a feeling I would like it too much!  ; )  

I know fall offically arrived a few weeks ago, but at our house it's not really fall until I climb up in the attic and bring our all of our boxes of Thanksgiving and fall decorations.  Then fall can begin.  Saturday,  while we were already neck-deep in various projects around the house and had our three grandchildren here for the weekend, I decided it was time for fall to arrive at our house officially. 

I climbed up into the attic and pushed all the boxes to the opening, then passed them down very gently to Aaron.  The boxes are too heavy and I really should put everything in smaller boxes to make it easier on myself.  After Aaron hauled everything into the dining room Jackson and I got busy.  He was so excited to finally get everything decorated!

Jackson and I did all the work and had a blast doing it.  As we pulled out item after item, he would make a remark about it or ask a question about it and would either place it on the dining table or put it where it normally would go.  I was amazed at how he knew just where something was supposed to go.  It really made me think about how important our simple family traditions are to these children of mine and to Jeff and I as well.  I discovered that Jackson has some favorite items that he loves and promised that he could have them when he married.  He quickly informed me that he would not be getting married!  LOL!

Now the garland is hung, candles have been lit, Pilgrims are all in place, wreaths are hung and our special Thanksgiving devotional box is in it's usual place.  The Thanksgiving season has officially arrived at the Chamblee home!

I'll take pictures to show some of our favorite items in the days ahead.  Right now we are still in construction/destruction mode with a renovation of our laundry area, so things are not quite in order.  Do you decorate for the Thanksgiving season in your home?   What are some of your favorite fall/harvest season memories?

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Mary Joy said...

I am so happy that you all got your pretties out and put up over the weekend! Yay!

You are so right about how important those family traditions are to everyone. There are so many special memories attached to the things we do year after year that are triggered when we look at our favorite decorations. Same goes with our family.

We love decorating for Autumn/Harvest too! And I finished up with ours over the weekend as well. Our kids have picked their favorites for this year and are ready to make some new ones this week too.

As a pretty new family we are working on making sure that we keep some of our favorite things we did last year (our first year as a family) so that they become traditions for us. Thank you so much for sharing your special weekend with us. I love reading about family traditions and your word pictures were wonderful! Sounds like you all really enjoyed the process. :D


Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

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