Friday, October 7, 2011

Caedmon's Birthday #3

Yesterday was Caedmon's third birthday.  I think he was a little worried that there might not be any presents or a cake.

But, then again, I think he may have had a sneaky suspicion that something was up.

For his birthday breakfast he helped me mix up his first ever muffins.  This little guy is allergic to wheat, dairy, egg and much, much more.  We made muffins with a gluten-free flour, rice milk and applesauce to replace the eggs.  He really enjoyed them!

And he loved geting to help cook.  The kitchen can be dangerous for him with so many of his allergic foods constantly being used, so helping to cook was a grand adventure.

When you are the seventh child you most likely have a houseful of toys that have been passed down from your older siblings.  And if your mom is in the midst of the Great Declutter Challenge, getting more toys may not be an option.  Caedmon asked for a flashlight and a ball, so he got THREE flashlights and a little ball.

He also got a cowboy hat and a gun that makes way too much noise for his mother's comfort.

Not only had Caedmon never had muffins, but he had never had a cake, either. Devin made this cake using a gluten-free cake mix, olive oil and applesauce.  It turned out pretty well.

Blowing out the candles

The first bite

And the verdict?  It was good!

Happy birthday to our precious Caedmon!! 
If you are interested in how Caedmon got his name, read here.


Celee said...

I'm interested in how you knew Caedmon is allergic to all these things. Our Calvin has TERRIBLE eczema and has struggled with staph off and on as a result. His eyes get so puffy and red, too and he's always covered in a rash. I'm trying to eliminate all dairy, but that's so hard. He hates nutramigen so I'm mixing it with goat's milk which I read is less allergenic. Anyway... I've wondered if wheat could be an issue for them (oh please no).


melanie said...

Aw, happy birthday, Caedmon! I enjoyed reading the linked post about your children's names. I have a younger friend in TX due in about six days with their first child, whose name is also Caedmon (in honor of the poet as well) =)

Mary Joy said...

Happy, happy birthday, Caedmon!!!! It sounds like he had a wonderful birthday celebration!!! And now he gets to spend the weekend with his buddies!!! Yay for him! lol So much fun!

That has to be quite a challenge to manage all of his allergies. I am so glad you were able to find mixes and recipes that worked for him. I can't imagine how hard that is. Our 3 yr old loves to help bake too. What a blessing that your birthday boy was able to help this time. Praying you all have a super fun weekend together with all of the littles!


Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

Roan said...

I cannot believe that Caedmon is 3! Where has the time gone? He is precious. I hope to see yall soon!! said...


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