Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Productive Weekend

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I don't know how things flow for your family, but around here there is lots of work to do.  And that's not a bad thing.  Jeff and I try to work hard and teach our children the joys of working as well.  One of the blessings we have in our large family is learning to work and serve together.  While Jordan was gone all day Saturday knocking on doors and asking people to vote for the Personhood Amendment that will be on our state's ballot in just a few weeks, the rest of us worked around the house.


Devin got us all in the fall spirit and ready for a busy work day with a breakfast of leaf-shaped biscuits, potatoes, eggs, and sausage.

About 3 gallons of wild muscadines that Jordan foraged from the woods...

became one gallon of juice...

which became 14 half-pints and 5 pints of beautiful, delicious muscadine jelly.  Yes, we will be doing this again next year if the muscadines are there! 

Devin and I also emptied, cleaned out, organized and inventoried three freezers.  Then I cooked a found roast in the crockpot and put several packages of beef bones in the roaster and have been slowly making a nutrient dense beef broth for the last two days.  The broth will be canned later this week. 

The chicken run is almost finished now.  Here Aaron is digging a trench around the base so that the fencing can go below ground level.  We don't want any varmints digging under the fence to get to our chickens!

Kaelan was helping to dig the trench using the post digger.

Jeff is working inside the coop.

More trench work.

Jeff is thankful to be at home and working with his children the last few days.

Kaelan was putting strips of wood on the incline for the chickens to get in the coop.

And Jackson is taking it all in! 

That's a look at the work around here this past weekend.  What's been going on around your place?


Intentional Living Homestead said...

Wow, that is busy for sure...but so very important to teach our children have to work hard.


KristenAnn said...

Quick question for you: are those biscuits from scratch? If so, could I beg the recipe? My biscuits just don't "ploof" like that, and I have to admit a little biscuit envy after seeing yours! :)

Anita said...

Oh, Kristen!! Those biscuits are from scratch...made by Devin, but neither of us use a recipe! You just have to experiment.

KristenAnn said...

I'll keep trying, then. Thanks anyway! :)

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