Monday, June 13, 2011

Things Are Hopping!

As usual we had a very busy weekend and this week proves to be just as busy or more so.  I had taken several pictures from out in the garden this morning only to find out when they were uploaded to my blog that the settings were off!  UGH!!  So only a couple of pictures to share here.

Jackson and Jordan weeded some of the in-ground beds this morning.  Mr. Horn Worm has appeared and is seeking to devour our tomato plants.  Jeff and Jordan have resorted to sevin dust, but is there a more organic remedy that will actually work?  I would hate to lose my tomatoes!

We have lots of cucumbers coming in--this is a first for us.  Can I make pickles with regular cukes or do you have to have pickling cucumbers?

This is a partial glimpse of my weekend.  19 quarts of pinto beans are now ready for a quick meal, 19 half-pints of strawberry jam and a dozen pints of blueberries ready for cobblers.  I also froze 7 quarts of blueberries and have a quart of strawberry puree to make fruit leather later.  I have about 28 pounds of peaches to start on today and our blueberries are ready to pick this week as well.  It a blessed and busy time!

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Miriam said...

I was out in our garden this morning, too. It's much cooler here this week, so it's not as miserable to be outside :)

For your tomato hornworm, I know they are pretty nasty critters. I don't now if a soap based spray would work for them or not? You might try contacting your county's extension office and they should be able to give you any organic options that would work.

Cucmbers - YES! You can make pickles with pretty much any cucumber as far as I know. I've never used pickling cukes :)

Our journey said...

wow you are busy that is so great! I can't wait to start canning! :) Thank you for posting!

Carol said...

Enjoyed reading about the canning that you are doing--it is impressive! My red lake currants will be ripening in a couple weeks and I plan to make jelly and syrup.

We have a clear day and I will be out in the yard soon doing some much needed weeding.

Jennifer said...

Try Diatomacious Earth for the hornworms. It's all natural, non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants.

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