Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not Prepared for This!

We've been knocked down with a stomach bug and I mean KNOCKED DOWN FLAT!  Caedmon started with it on Monday and he is fine now.  Five of the rest of were struck down last night. It was a very long night!  It's hard to take care of sick kids when you are sick yourself.

Amazingly Devin is not sick, so she will be heading out to get some needed supplies.

ginger ale
peppermint tea
red grape juice
Caedmon's gluten free, dairy free, egg free French toast....cause he is hungry!

What do you keep in stock for sick times like this?


Loretta & Amanda said...

Ginger root! Lots and lots of ginger root! Also, we try to keep some ginger root tea made up and in the freezer. Chicken & rice soup for those that start feeling hungry, but need something light. Jello is also a much requested item. Water frozen in popsicle molds to suck on and also gatorade. That's pretty much it around here. Hope ya'll are better soon.

Mrs. Trixi said...

Sickness is the one time I get Sprite. I don't know why but my mom (a nurse) always gave us sprite when we were sick.
I hope y'all feel better soon.

Firecracker said...

Liquid Echinacia, chewable Vit C, Ginger Tea, and Fenugreek Tea. No fun when the whole family is sick :(

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