Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Homemade Soap Review-Hen N Chicks Soap

I recently received a nice bar of homemade soap from Hen N Chicks Soap for review purposes.  I love homemade soaps and this bar was quite lovely.  I love the rustic look of a nice homemade bar of soap and the Vanilla Mint scent put me in the Christmas spirit.....Yes, it was June, but it did remind me of a Christmas-y scent.

This bar of soap is made from totally good-for-you ingredients including sunflower, coconut, olive and palm oils as well and wintergreen essential oil and vanilla crystals.  I love the way homemade soap makes my skin feel and this soap was no exception.  The oils are very good for your skin and the wintergreen and vanilla scent was very nice.

I have noticed in my own homemade soaps that are darker that the color of the soap tends to leave a little messy residue in the bath.  Not a ring, but brown soapy spots where ever the lather splatters.  Not a problem that isn't easily rinsed away, but it is something to be aware of...especially if you have little guys who like to play in the tub and don't rinse afterward.

Check out more wonderfully handmade soaps from Hen N Chicks at  and tell them Busy Hands Busy Minds sent you over!


Prepared Teacher said...

oh no, it says there is no blog for them... is there another web site?

Hen N Chicks said...

Here is the correct web address.

Thanks for the lovely review Anita! Vanilla does turn soap brwon naturally. I have actually started using ORGANIC cocoa butter for that very reason ;)

joannie said...

i would love to try the new soap with grapefruit in it. sounds lovely thanks joannie

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