Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ode to a Mouse

There once was a mouse
Running through my house.
Poison from town
Slowed that mouse down.
In the laundry room
The other afternoon,
That same mouse
Made me run from the house.
My eldest son
Is now my number one.
He removed that mouse
Straight out of the house.

Yes, I wrote this all by myself!!


Cindy said...

Love it! We got rid of our outside cats last year before my daughter's wedding.I knew of at one out of town child with cat allergies..and 1 adult.No big deal...wrong.

We have never...never..never seen so many mice..rats and now rabbits.I know it is also because of the extreme heat and drought..but my goodness...they are everywhere outside..and a few have made it in.I am always watching for their droppings!Oh the life of living in the

Hugs Cindy

Jenny said...

Mouse demise inspires me too. Love your poem!

Anonymous said...

Ha! A real beauty, Mrs. Anita. Delightful, absolutely delightful! I love mice... when they're removed. But I don't like it when I have to remove them... and then smash them to death with a stick. Momma made me do that when there were no men around. I think it hurt me more than the mouse. I felt so cruel. The poor thing was so helpless. And it wasn't even in the house. It was outside the house. But I cannot be persuaded to think well of mice. Once a mouse stole my Crunch bar (which the children had thrown under my bed) while I was laying on it. The evil thing had the audacity to let me watch it doing it. I would've stopped it, but it was such an amusing sight. I was wounded for life over that incident... I don't know why I shared that story... I guess it's something wounded people do.


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