Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeding a Large Crowd

Tomorrow we are having a big bunch of young adults and a few more "mature" couples over for a cookout.  We thought about grilling burgers, but chicken was MUCH cheaper than ground meat for burgers and then you would need all the burger trimmings as well.

Our menu includes grilled chicken,grilled sausage, vidalia onions, mushrooms,  green beans, corn on the cob, potato salad and homemade rolls  I am also thinking of throwing together Jeff's favorite broccoli salad and a green salad with a couple of homemade salad dressings.  We'll also be enjoying a couple of fruit cobblers, brownies and a variety of homemade ice cream.

I think I'll post a few pics with recipes for some of these foods next week.  The cobblers are so good and I use the same recipe that my Mamaw used!  What are some of YOUR favorite crowd pleasing recipes?  Please share in the comments!!


Miriam said...

Oh, your menu sounds delicious!

Nancy C said...

A big 'ol macaroni or potato salad works for me. :)

Laurel said...

When I am feeding a crowd (which means more than our typical 12-15 people for a meal) ... I often pull out 2 of my 11 x 15 casserole dishes and whip up a couple of lasagnas. I make one traditional with beef and tomato sauce, and the other chicken with alfredo sauce.

This has become such a favorite for our family, that my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law has asked me to make a BIG lasagna dinner (to serve 50) for the Rehearsal Dinner. Oh yea! Can't wait! Hoping for some sunshine, or we will be a bit crowded. But, so look forward to hosting this dinner.


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