Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Day part three

Caedmon makes a snowball

Caedmon and Rebeccah

Building a pillar of snow

Is it cold, Kaelan?

The boys decide to build a snowman.

The girls start building one of their own.

Intense concentration

Jonah and Aaron put on the final touches

The boys are finished with Mr. Snowman!

Kaelan finishes up the girls snowman by herself.  She crocheted this snowman's toboggan by herself.   Buttons for the mouth, eyes and buttons and a carrot nose.  Wait, those are MY gloves!!

See you later!!  We are now snuggling up inside, preparing a great dinner and warming up!

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Laura at By the Bushel said...

Anita, sent a friend recently to your blog, she's a precioius soul who loves kids and just keeps going, and going. hope you are having a blessed new year! we're having the snow too! in fact simply snowed in. I'm hoping the power holds out because I don't think we're moving for a few days! Blessings ~ Laura

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