Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Frugal Shopping

As I prepared for grocery shopping this week I checked my deep freezer and noticed that I was getting short on chicken.   I also needed milk, buttermilk, salad vegetables, dog food and several other items.   We have two Krogers in our town and I always shop at both of them.  Why?  One of them has a better selection of gluten free foods and carries the pretzels that my little guy snacks on throughout the day.  The other Kroger has their meats, produce and dairy products reduced more often.

I try not to spend over $2 a pound for meat.  Sometimes that can be a challenge.  Yesterday pork loins were on sale for $1.99 a pound.  I bought a nice sized on that  I will use this to make BBQ for sandwiches.  I also found thick cut pork chops for around $1.40 a pound.  These will be great on the grill.  A big ham for $1.49 closed out our pork purchases....this will make a great Sunday dinner with leftovers for several dishes.

Other great meat deals I found were whole chickens for 68 cents a pound.  I'll be using these chickens in many different ways.  Tomorrow I think I will put two of them (halved) on the grill.  One will be all we need for dinner and the other will go in the freezer for a quick meal another day.  Here are some other ideas for whole chickens.  All of these great meat buys combined with the beef from a butchered cow and one lone reduced turkey will keep us in meat for the next couple of months.

In the dairy section I found gallons of whole milk reduced to $1.75.  Milk freezes well and the whole milk will make a great yogurt in my crockpot.  I'll post about that another day.  Half gallons of buttermilk were reduced to $1 and they also freeze well.  Just make sure you shake them well after thawing.  I have some great buttermilk recipes here and I also like to make a homemade buttermilk ranch dressing for all the salads we are eating these days.

And I can't forget the Twinings tea I found reduced:  Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea are two favorites around here and I found them for less that $1.50 per box.  On the same stand of clearance items I found dog food.  I brought home two bags for Kaelan's newly acquired pet who seems to have a hollow leg.

So, how do you think I did on my latest grocery shopping trip?  Do you shop for reduced groceries?  Where do you shop and what is your best price on meats?

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Raising Homemakers


Tracey said...

Great job on the shopping! I rarely see whole chickens that cheap in my area; last week they were on sale for $1.19/lb. The meat department is definitely one area where I try to save!

A couple of weeks ago I got a picnic ham and made barbecue with it; the family loved it!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Sweet Apron said...

Sounds pretty comparable to our prices-near Chicago. You did great! We've been eating a lot of soup & salad on account of the cold weather & that really helps keep our grocery bill down. Found you on raising homemakers. Looking forward to your yogurt tip!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your input! I have no experince with LLATL, so I so appreciate what you had to say. Just an FYI, so that you don't think I'm a crazy woman...the lists on my page that are not bolded are just options. For Allison, I am choosing between LLATL, Easy Grammar, or ACE....not doing all three! That WOULD be a bit heavy!
What do you use for your history? Do you have any experience with Mystery of History? I've just heard good things about it. Thanks for takin ghte time to leave such a detailed comment...I have already learned so much from you and your blog!

Unknown said...

I know I'm a couple months behind, but I just found your blog :) Yes, I shop the discounted grocery section of our local grocery store. I love it! I have found some really great deals there. I went shopping just today and found whole chickens for .78 a lb, close to your deal :)

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