Monday, January 10, 2011

More Fun in the Snow

Later this morning Jeff took some of the kids back out for more snow play.  I finally got Jackson to put on a coat.  He actually has on two coats in this picture!

All wrapped up

Making snow balls

Ready, set....


Snow bunny!

Do you think I had him bundled up enough?

He had to pick his knees up to his waist to get around in the snow.  He would stop and say," Help it!"   That means please help me in two year old language!

Snow study

A little closer

and a taste!

And another taste.

And another, just to make sure!

Yes, it tastes....cold!

He is thinking about it!

Should I?

Nah, no more tasting.

I'll just throw it on the dog!

Now, Caedmon, that's not nice!

I'll show you what to do!

Let's work together to build a snowman!

Our house covered in snow

How did he get here?  The C family from down the road rode their four-wheelers down to our house.  

Snowball fight!

Kaelan is going to get Mr. Tommy

Mr. Tommy is going to get Rebeccah

Now, they are all going to get it!

Kaelan made a huge snowblock.  Now who's going to get it?

Caedmon needs some help getting up from the snow.

Mr. Tommy to the rescue

A cold Kaelan

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