Monday, December 13, 2010

Who Me?

I really don't know what it was... Maybe the fact that I couldn't sleep, it was 4:30 in the morning and I hadn't had a cup of coffee yet...or maybe I am just getting older.

Early this morning I went into the bathroom to wash my sleep deprived face with warm water.  I turned the water on and patiently waited for it to warm up.  No need to wake up with a splash of icy cold water!  Well, I waited and waited and waited some more and the water just seemed to get COLDER!!  Jeff was already working at his computer with his headphones on, so I decided not to disturb him but headed to the boys' bathroom with a wash cloth in hand.

I was thinking the our hot water heater (which only serves the master bath) must be broken.  I was rejoicing that the boys' bathroom was now completed so we would still have two bathrooms to use until the hot water heater could be replaced.  I was happy that we have two hot water heaters for our home.  I was planning ahead as to how we would pay for a new hot water heater, how I would have to clear out the closet so it could be reached, how it was so very dusty in there and I would have to dust it off before a repairman could see it.  Do you do things like that?   My brain was awake now!

I sat down in my favorite chair wrapped in a comforter trying to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.  Jeff came in a little later and kissed me on the head.  I asked him what was wrong with the hot water in the bathroom.  He said there was nothing wrong.  He had just used the hot water.  I thought, "Well, all that time I left the water running probably started the warming process or something."

A little later....and after a cup of coffee, I headed back to the bathroom....something to do with the hot chocolate and coffee...ahem....and I started to turn the water on to wash up.  Then it dawned on me that I had turned on the COLD water earlier and let it run and run and it NEVER heated up.  Oh, my!

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Pam said...

Too funny! In our new (to us) home, the cold and hot are reversed at the master bath sink(Dh does plan to correct that soon.), so that complicates things even more for me. When I'm in that sleepy state of brain-fog, I remember that it's reversed, but cannot remember which way it's supposed to be to choose the opposite one! You are not alone! At least we can laugh at ourselves! :)

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