Monday, December 6, 2010

Kaelan's Christmas Pictures

Kaelan will occasionally pick up our camera and start snapping away.  This is what she found the other day.  I think she is doing a good job!

Our new Christmas tree

The angel we have is too fussy for our tastes, so the kids put a Star of David made from craft sticks atop the tree this year.

I always purchase wrapping paper on clearance and we actually had an assortment that could be color coordinated which made Devin very happy.   

An ornament from years past given by my mom.  Avon pewter ornaments are her choice for each year and we think they are beautiful.

Caedmon has to have a picture taken each day!

An ornament from my mom the year Kaelan was born.  She says the bells were heralding her  birth. LOL!

Jackson's ornament from 2010

Aaron's ornament from 2010

Kaelan's ornament from 2010

Caedmon's ornament from 2010

Jordan's ornament from 2010

Devin's ornament from 2010

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