Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A House Full of Blessings....and a little chaos as well!

Yesterday Lauren and her children came up for the day as James was out-of-town.  Little did we know that they would wind up staying the night.  This morning things were a little rough.  Lauren didn't get much sleep in the bedroom with all three of her children and Kaelan.  Ashtyn Claire was up to nurse, Chase woke up from a bad dream and Elisha was coughing and running fever.  This is what things looked like around here after breakfast this morning.

                                           Aaron was helping the little boys with some drawing.  He is always excited   to have me take his picture.   He is really not quite as grumpy as he appears.

Elisha likes chewing on the pencils instead of drawing with them.

Caedmon always likes to draw.

Sticking your tongue out helps with concentration.

Still chewing on the pencil.

Messy den

More mess

It's okay, Mom!  We'll clean it later!  And, yes, he is in costume....again!  Today it is Jeff's Army shirt from when he was a boy.  Add some green jeans and an Army hat and he was ready for the day.

Many boys around my tree

Jackson and Elisha

Chase looks like he is searching for his presents.

Oh, my~!  Enjoying some harmonica playing by Chase.

Chase's special hat

All the toys are pulled from the shelf behind the couch and are somewhere on the floor, under the couch, in the couch....who knows where?  I'm sure to find them soon!

One sweet Ashtyn Claire and a tired sick Elisha ready to go home!
Now Lauren and her three are gone home, taking Kaelan with them for a couple of days.  Jeff, Jordan and Devin are at work and I am home in relative quiet with just Aaron, Jackson and Caedmon for company.  What shall we do this afternoon?  I think we will CLEAN HOUSE!!  

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The Jaracz Family said...

What beautiful kids! That den is not messy. If I could only show you my living room right now, but it would embarrass me too much! Somehow it always gets picked up before dinner, that's all that matters. :) God Bless!

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