Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We left my mom's house on Wednesday before Christmas.  Lauren's home is very near our route and she asked us to stop by for dinner that night.  She fixed a large pot of delicious taco soup with all the trimmings and shared a bucket of caramel popcorn with us.  It was all wonderful and we were glad to see her, James and all the grands.

Christmas Eve they all came up to our house for the day.  We had a meal of turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet and sour beans, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls and several dessert choices.  Jeff helped me get the turkey ready, the dressing had been made at Thanksgiving and put in the freezer and the desserts had already been made.  Devin made the beans, gravy, mashed potatoes and rolls.  My workload was minimal!  We even used Christmas paper plates!

After eating we gathered in the den to open a few presents.  The children opened the gifts from each other.   Lauren, James and the grands opened the gifts from all of us and Jeff and I opened one gift from the children.   We made the traditional mess with all the wrapping paper and boxes!

Here we are opening our portraits of the children, while Aaron rocks baby Ashtyn Claire.

Elisha and Chase come to help out.  And yes, I have washed the shirt Aaron is wearing here.  I think this must be his favorite shirt now as he is wearing it in all of our recent pictures!

Elisha in his cowboy vest and checking out his pounding peg toy.

I am very proud of our portraits.  Devin took most of the photos, edited them, took them to be printed and framed and matted them.   They look so nice!

Caedmon is taking a breathing treatment.   We are on twice-a-day treatments with extras as needed.  

Lauren's family left to join James' extended family for the evening.  After cleaning and resting for a while Devin asked to rent Disney's Christmas Carol (which Jeff and the older children had seen at the theater last year) and buy chips and salsa from her favorite Mexican restaurant.

After our Advent worship time, we spread a red-checked table cloth in front of the Christmas tree and snacked on the chips and salsa followed by sweets.  We did make sure the little boys covered their eyes during the scary parts of the movie.  It was such a relaxing Christmas Eve...very different from our normal busyness.

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