Monday, August 1, 2011

47 and a Giveaway

Today is my 47th birthday.  It is so hard to believe that I have lived 47 years.  I really don't feel "that many fingers" old!!  Where did the years go?  In the last few days I have reconnected with my hometown via a Facebook group.  It has brought back memories from childhood that are sweet as only small town memories can be, but also memories that are not so sweet as there have been many mistakes made in my life.  I have laughed and smiled remembering friends and teachers, people I worked with at McDonald's in my teenage years and people who worshipped with me in a beautiful sanctuary that is no more.  I have mourned as I have seen a side of small town life that I really didn't know about and rejoiced as I realize, once again, that God's hand was leading me....even as a child.

This morning I walked into the kitchen where my daughter was preparing breakfast to get my morning coffee which was prepared in the wee morning hours by my wonderful husband who had already been hard at work for an hour or so.  My daughter noticed my Ben Gay scent which is one other indication that my years are catching up with me.  A brief rub down of that delightfully scented ointment enabled me to sleep last night.

Birthday greetings abound and even the two year old--who has no idea that his mama has a birthday today and doesn't seem to mind that I am so very old--gave me the sweetest gift as we settled in my chair for our morning snug-fest ritual.  I asked him, " Do you know I love you?"  And, with a very deep sigh as he snuggled ever deeper into my arms, he said, "Yessssss."  I consider it such a blessing to be 47 and still have a little man to snuggle in my arms each morning.  Thank you, God, for that sweet, precious gift!!

A hearty breakfast with gift bags placed beside my chair.  A sleepy six year old awakened for the "revealing".  He enters with a sheepish smile and quickly goes to collect a bag that he had hidden last week.  A large ceramic mug in just the right shade of orange, a bright red colander (my girl doesn't like to acknowledge how much like her mom she really is....her gifts reveal the traits that are not hidden to others), a package of Snicker bars to have for those moments when nothing else will satisfy  (it's an inherited trait), a huge container of mocha cappuccino mix,  a six year old boy's cut out efforts consisting of a couple of brown hearts and a paper dog and a musical composition whose melody can only be heard in his heart, but the effort is so very precious.  A package from my husband that hasn't arrived yet, but he can't keep a secret and I can't wait to get my new canning cookbook.  I am such a practical homebody!!

A promise of a wonderful Italian dinner with dessert of my choice, laundry gathered, sorted and the wash started without my asking.  Facebook and email birthday greetings and extra time to soak in the tub this morning while enjoying the latest edition of Above Rubies magazine.  And now to spend the rest of the day teaching and serving these most precious gifts that God has given family!

But before I leave I have a gift for you today.   Kaelan (12) and I have greatly enjoyed Victoria Botkin's audiobook series Voices from the Past.  Today I have The Letterbook of Eliza Lucas Pinckney.  From the cover:  When 16 year old Eliza Lucas's father was deployed to Antiqua in 1740, he left the management of his household and three plantations in Eliza's capable hands.  In these lively letters, she describes her adventures handling her father's affairs, cultivating and exporting indigo, educating her sister and the black children on the plantations, and helping to build up the economy of her fledgling colony through her many business schemes.  Hear her words of encouragement and exhortation to four generations of men in her family, including her two sons, both Revolutionary War heroes, over the full and fruitful lifetime of this great mother of our country.

If you would like a chance to win this very well-done audio book, please leave a comment letting me know.  I'll draw the winners name next Monday!  Be on the look-out for more giveaways this week!!

Hip Homeschool Moms Giveaway Day


Mrs Mary Joy Pershing @ Learning to Live a Surrendered Life said...

What a wonderful and precious way to celebrate your birthday!

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed celebration all day...all week even!

Thank you for giving us a peek into your precious time with your family.

I would love to win this audio book. It sounds wonderful.

God Bless you, sister!

Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

Nicole said...

Happy birthday! Today is my 40th birthday! :)

Rachel E. said...

A happy birthday to you. It sounds like a dream day. I would love to experience such a birthday.

I think I would also like to read this book. It sounds very interesting and would probably knock a person's socks off to know what a girl in that era was capable of.

Roan said...

Happy Birthday Anita!

I would like to win the book....and one reason is that we would have to get together IN PERSON for you to give it to me!

Have a super day!

Melissa Carr said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many blessings to you this coming year!
The audio book sounds very interesting. I've never listened to an audio book...I think this would be neat for the whole family! Thanks for the opportunity and I hope you have a wonderful day!

DeLyssa said...

Oooooo Happy Birthday and Please put my name in for the Botkin CD.

Thank you for having this give away!! So cool!!

Anonymous said...

I want it!
Your posts in the Greenwood group gave me a laugh as I remembered a story a friend likes to share about the Churchs Chicken. Not gonna tell it on the net!

Does Ben Gay really work? My knees are starting to go. How can I have osteo arthritis? I'm not even as *old* as you :-)
And, yes, what a gift that adorable boy is. Is snuggle a code word? Was for us.

C Riley

DeliveringGrace said...

Happy birthday!
I'm just a few months younger and also have a two year old. Such a privilege.
Don't enter me for the draw as I'm too far away but wanted to wish you happy birthday.

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday dear friend Anita...Happy Birthday to You!!!

Be so glad there is no sound on

Hey we have a birthday month in common..I am at the end of this month.

It sounds like your family really knows how to take care of their special mama and honey!!You are a lucky woman.
I had all 5 of my children before I was 30. I don't know if I could of had one in my 40' You are so blessed.
Have fun eating out...Italian is always our special go to meal!

Hugs from Texas...Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and yes i;d like to be entered :)

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great day!! And what a fun giveaway...thanks for giving when it is YOUR birthday!!! How sweet!! I'd love to be entered. Thank you!! :)

In the Nursery of the Nation said...

Happy Birthday! Would love to win :)

Jason J. said...

We would like to enter. Happy Birthday (late). Enjoyed the trip to Nashville with Jeff and Jordan - we have a lot in common.

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Wow another great give a way. I would love to enter it. I read something on your blog awhile back about the Botkins and homeschooling and was surprised but also glad to know that they didn't use normal "textbooks" I thought this was wonderful and I love their books and find them very encouraging but I just wonder what they did to satisfy the requirements that the state has. We use Gateway(not sure if your in Tennessee) and they really want titles for the books in high school. Just wondered if you had encountered anything like this or know what they suggest. Also hope your birthday was great and it's so sweet how special that your family made it!!!!

Rachel M said...

Happy belated birthday! I agree, how blessed you are to be surrounded by little ones at 47 and to have grandbabies too!
I am 31 and pregnant with our sixth baby. I can only hope that I will still have little ones when I am in my forties. :)
The audiobook sounds very interesting. Count me in for the giveaway. Blessings!

Paula said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :)
You have been very blessed, indeed!

I know someone who'd love this as a grad gift!
Thanks for the giveaway!

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