Monday, February 22, 2010


I don't know when I will be able to sit down and make a real post.  Busy as usual this week.  Jordan will be traveling to Dallas later this week (gone for four days) to film Sally Clarkson's Wholehearted seminar.  The Homeschool Channel has decided for the film crew to go a little more dressy and ordered dress shirts for the crew for these types of events.  I suppose they'll wear the polos at conferences, but Jordan had to have black dress pants, black shoes and a black belt to coordinate with the new shirts.  I also had some grocery shopping to do and as Jackson has outgrown all of his Sunday pants (we discovered this as we were getting ready for church yesterday) I needed to go shopping in the attic for the three other boys and make my list for what they might need for the summer.   Thankfully there was a good selection up there!  I think we are set except for one or two little items for Jackson and Aaron.  I knew Aaron needed jeans, as he just ripped one pair clear through the knee last week.  We found two or three pair in good condition along with two pair of church pants.   I bought Caedmon three new outfits for this summer today, but one was free with my Kohl's Kash.  So he got three brand new outfits for less than 12 dollars.   Now I just need to find him some new Robeez shoes at a price that I can afford on ebay!  Devin also has three trips to Memphis this week on top of teaching all day on Friday!

Because of so many things going on I decided to call a teacher/student work week for the week.  I don't know how we manage to be so messy, but this house is begging for a good old-fashioned cleaning and purging session.  I think the clutter is getting to everyone!!  So we have a list made of daily cleaning sessions along with some fun times of playing games that we never make time to do.   I will be going over all their individual school work with them from last week and making out new assignment sheets for next week with a pep talk about our study and homekeeping habits.  We have got to get back to some type of routine that helps us stay organized

The troops have seem to come to a halt and it is not break time for them yet!  Training in diligence is in order for the whole crew!!

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Laura at By the Bushel said...

So glad spring is around the corner, because our boy's jeans are just about 'spent' for the year. thread-bare at hems & almost only 1 per child with no holes in knees.
I've shopped the attic & the supplies are almost depleted for hand-me-downs! Can't believe that!
I've never read 'whole-hearted-child' and I'm sure the seminar will be good!
Glad to read your 'update' - take care and happy cleaning week!

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