Friday, February 26, 2010

Things to Do and a Missed Blessing

clothes shopping with Jordan
grocery shopping
retrieve clothes from attic
sort through clothes from attic
sort through clothes in boys closet and drawers
school room
kids' rooms
kitchen cabinets
dismantle and clean refrigerator
the never ending laundry pile
scrub master bath
hand mop dining room and kitchen
hand mop den and school room
clean master bedroom
put outgrown clothes in attic
make muffins and granola
soak and cook beans/put in freezer
have an afternoon fellowship with another homeschooling mom and children
work on lesson plans
pay bills
homeschool support group potluck dinner

Only two work days left in my OFF week and I have lots of work still to do.  But my kitchen looks a lot better!  Ok, the work I have done in the kitchen is in the cabinets and in the fridge, but it looks good when we open everything!!  Makes me feel good, too!!

I missed a sweet blessing one morning this week.  Between Caedmon wanting to nurse all night and Jeff's snoring  breathing deeply in his sleep, I don't sleep very well.  So, when Jeff gets up early most mornings I roll over to his side of the bed, stretch out, and try to sleep for an hour or so.  It is my best sleep time!!  Well, the other morning Jackson decided to get up early.  He got dressed in his camouflage overalls and cowboy boots and fixed his moma a cup of coffee with her favorite creamer.  He came into the bedroom and I vaguely remember telling him to go to the den, that I would be up shortly.  He came back in making lots of noise and I told him again....go to the den.  I did notice that he was bringing in the piano bench.  (to use as a table for my coffee) Anyway, I wasn't happy and I missed out!  I got  up a few minutes later and found out that he was bringing me a cup of coffee.  So I found him and told him about my "dream" that I had of some little boy  coming into my room that morning with a cup of coffee.  He told me I wasn't dreaming...that he had done that.  I apologized profusely and gave him a big snuggle/hug. Jackson had also drawn me a sweet picture of a flower.   He heated my cup of coffee for me and brought it to me with a sweet smile.  Even though he is only five years old he has discovered his mother's love language.  I hate that I missed out on his initial offering by being so tired.  (you must realize that all of this happened before 7 a.m.  ---I am not lazing in the bed all day!)  I am so very thankful for sweet (most of the time) children, who want to serve their moma and who have learned from their daddy how to speak moma's love language.    I am praying that I will be more attentive and not miss any more blessings from my children.


JenT said...

I've done the same thing. Well, not the coffee (I don't drink it), but I have missed little blessings before, by not paying attention.
I replied to your comment you left on my blog but then as soon as I hit send I saw that it was a "no-reply" address. So I'm putting it here. :)
What's funny is that this particular place used to not have very good fudge. It was kind of grainy. But since they hired a new fudge maker the fudge is so creamy. When our older kids get to go to work with my husband, the fudge guy usually gives them the end pieces. I guess they are not "pretty" enough to sell. But they sure are "pretty" enough to eat!! We all really enjoy the fudge. The only downer is that this job is only going to last a couple of months. Hmm...maybe the owner will find more work for my husband. ;)

Roan said...

I think we have all missed a blessing or two! This makes me want to "look" for the purpose not to miss anything!

Ok, I have given you a blog award! If you want to participate, just visit my blog for the "rules".

I enjoy reading your blog, Anita! It's a good way to keep up with you. Hope to see you at skating!
oh, and I will take up the money at the FD Banquet if you need me to.

Laura said...

What a beautiful family you have and how blessed you are!

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