Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Look Back in Time

I recently spent some time looking back at some pictures from when the middle children were younger.  We have had some fun times.  I will post more about making costumes and have a give-away tomorrow. Some of you will remember these times and places!   Enjoy your children today!  They grow up very quickly!

Jordan, Aaron and Kaelan on the Wilderness Road at the Cumberland Gap in Tennessee 2004


Kaelan and Aaron on a Sunday morning before church.

Confederate Jordan, Army Aaron and Cowgirl Kaelan

Jordan fishing at the Blassingame's

Back when there were only five!

Jordan on board the Discovery at Jamestown--2002

Confederate Jordan with our cannon.

Studying Africa with the Killough family.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving.


Roan said...

Those pictures are precious! I think that Jordan has changed the most!

Anita said...

I suppose because he is older he has changed the most. It will be interesting to see if Jackson continues to look like Jordan as he grows. I think Kaelan is wearing one of your dresses in the Sunday morning picture.

Miranda said...

The Afri8can and the THanksgiving ones are really cute. ;-)


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