Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brotherly Blessings

We have four boys of varying ages in our family: a seventeen year old, a thirteen year old, a five year old and the baby at seventeen months. If my boys were in school in an institutionalized setting they would be in three different schools and the "least 'un" might even be in childcare. Instead, God gave us a vision for our family over 24 years ago....way before there were any boys in our lives and only one daughter. Because of this vision that God gave us to homeschool and disciple our family these boys spend lots of time together. Three of them share a bedroom and MUST learn to be patient with each other as the "teens" still have 5 year old boy toys and books to share space with their knife and sword collections and with their ever growing stacks of books as their personal libraries grow. It's a challenge, but I think as adults they will benefit from learning patience in their early years.

With the exception of the "least 'un" (yes, Sherry, we have the Christy videos, too) their Dad gets them out to work together as well. Cutting trees, tearing down decks, spreading slag for our driveway, digging a garden or painting fences are all jobs that Jeff gives them to do...not only because the work is necessary, but because real work gives these young men some purpose and a sense of accomplishment when a job is completed and completed well.

One of the sweetest blessings I am seeing lately, though, is the times that the older ones spend in playing with the younger two. Times I catch them on the couch snuggled up in a pack of three or four reading a classic children's picture book out loud and all actually seeming to enjoy the reading to times of building with giant Duplos, Tinkertoys or Magnetix. The 17 year old has even taught the 5 year old how to play chess and he loves to "play" Stratego with the big boys as well.

Lord, I thank you for the privilege of being at home with my children. The privilege of homeschooling them and of watching them grow. Thank you, too, that they are best friends and best brothers, living, playing and working together as they learn and grow daily under the influence of their godly father.


Let'sMakeADifference said...

Just 'found' your blog! We have a lot in common! Looking forward to being a God's timing!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Precious post. On the way home from a recent trip, my oldest said he was glad he was homeschooled. He meant it. My heart was raised, because of his reasoning. I'm so grateful for him not to be in an institution other than our home right now. day's can be long, but days will go by fast. Laundry only grows, knees in pants get worn out quicker than I can blink, but it's what I want them to be doing.
I thank the Lord too, for the blessing of being home, and on top of that, having the kids home too.
I did see that Jordan was going to be filming Sally Clarkson, and that the book/site was the topic. I was encouraged by that post as well as seeing it in many folks reading list to pick it up and give it a try. I don't have my copy yet, but I think it is just what the Dr. ordered. We are in a mission framing state of mind, with prayer & dedication to what God would have for us. We are in a new season of life, one we weren't anticipating, not bad, just different. So we'll be reading, learning, and beginning new plans gently, so we don't overload. It may seem on my blog I'm 'into everything' but it seems right now, there is a kind of synthesis taking place that can only be a good thing. So taking it easy and being proactive at the same time seems to be 'the way.'
Blessings, I'm sure you are enjoying the book too, I'll be so interested in hearing your comments as they surface for you to share.
I will(promise) to check out channel. !! I have been whittling down my intake & computer time, but I have really wanted to see what I'm missing!
Thanks always for being my bloggy friend!
I pass through Mississippi to see family and wonder if someday we'll meet! I'm sure it will happen someday! I just have a feeling.
Have a great mid-week & all - Larua

michelleleigh said...

Always love your posts-love the encouragement that comes from knowing there are like minded friends so close to home! Even though we only have one boy, I love watching all the kids tackle a task together, and especially love watching the older girls "take up" with Noah and join him in whatever he may be doing-lighting a burn pile, hauling trash..I know working together will build character and memories!
and by the way, I will not be getting all the good meet this freezer is FULL to the brim!!!

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