Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Is an Education?

This week we took off from our normal routines.  We needed to get some shopping done, transfer clothes from the attic to the bedrooms and the outgrown clothing from the bedrooms to the attic.  I also needed to clean out kitchen cabinets (new dishes deserve clean cabinets, right?) and some other areas.  Jordan has headed to Dallas where he will film Sally Clarkson's Wholehearted seminar on Friday and Saturday.  Part of my reasoning in not doing school this week was that he was going to be gone two "school" days, needed to go shopping on one day and would be working two other afternoons at The Homeschool Channel.   So, I just called a break.

Next week, Jeff has Dr. David Menton from Answers in Genesis coming down to film a program on anatomy and physiology for  young adults.  Filming will be all day for five days.  A big project for THC!  Jeff wanted Jordan to film, but I asked that he not because he would be missing so much school.  HELLO!!  What was I thinking?

Here is my 17 year old son who is earning good money, working with his father, learning how to shoot and edit programs for television, learning photography skills, photoediting and working on professional equipment.  He is traveling across the country, listening to many wonderful homeschool-home discipleship speakers. meeting many interesting people, and hopefully cementing his own philosophy of homeschooling for his future family.

And here I am concerned that he would miss too much school time at home if he works all next week filming the Dr. Menton/Answers in Genesis DVD.  Did I mention that Dr. Menton was a teacher at the medical school in St. Louis for over 30 years?  And he is going to be teaching anatomy and physiology on this DVD?  Ok, so I woke up and told Jeff that I had no problem with Jordan working all day, every day next week.   I'm sure he'll learn a lot more next week under Dr. Menton that he will at home.  I am also sure that I need to step back and trust his father to direct his education the way he sees fit.  Both his earthly father and his heavenly father.

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Learning from your
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