Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Venture to the Snowy, Icy, Cold North Country

OK, so it really wasn't technically THE NORTH, but it was north to us!! Our trip to northern Kentucky was quite an adventure. When the trip was planned, snow and ice were not on the agenda. However, snow and ice there was aplenty! It was so very beautiful!! The interstate was clear; however, Mammoth Cave was closed! Our hotel where we had reservations on Wednesday was closed because there was no power. We found another close by that was under boil water notice which meant all the nearby resaurants were closed. Pray for those who live in that region..I hear that they may not have electricity for several weeks!!

The Creation Museum was great. The older children enjoyed it, but Jackson thought it was scary! The presentation of the Gospel is very clear. If you haven't gone yet, please make plans to do so. My only complaints were that there were NO clearly designated nursing areas and there was only one small interactive display. I am all about hands-on learning and what better topic for hands-on than Creation? The outside exhibits were closed due to the 9 or so inches of snow. There is a petting zoo and other things that younger children would enjoy....but I still feel like they need some hands-on activities inside.

The children enjoyed playing in the snow for about 10 minutes. It was VERY cold! We wouldn't make good northerners. We were quite happy to get home Saturday evening and find much warmer weather.

I am posting some of Devin's pictures. I am so techno challenged that I can't figure out how to upload pics from my camera. Hopefully, I can do that tonight.

Driving north of Louisville... Jeff and the kids thought this looked like a scene from Narnia.

Jackson throwing his first snowball.

I have never, ever had opportunity to go sledding, but this spot looks perfect.

Jackson couldn't resist tromping through the snow each time we headed to the van.

Jeff and Marvin Sanders interviewing Ken Ham.

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Heather said...

We lived 25 miles north of Louisville for 3 years, and let me tell you... they might think they are southern, but it IS the North! :)

My kids used to love seeing the rocks on the side of I-71 with frozen waterfalls coming down them... It is really pretty up there... just COLD and GRAY all winter long!

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