Friday, February 20, 2009

Clearance Rack Kids

I love shopping and finding great clearance rack deals!! With seven children and two grandchildren to shop for I can't afford any other kind of shopping. My mom taught me the joys of clearance shopping growing up and I find it quite rewarding to dress my family well for a fraction of the cost. Most items I purchase are much cheaper than like items from a consignment store. I hate shopping consignment stores because I have to dig through things and I have found many items at the consignment store to cost more or about the same as what I can purchase new on clearance.

Yesterday, Aaron, Kaelan, Caedmon and I had a couple of hours between activities, so we made a quick run through our local Belk store... They have fantastic clearance sales...if you wait long enough. Yesterday's clearance prices were an additional 40% off. I purchased 14 items for around $75 dollars saving $277 off the original price. I purchased 5 shirts for the older boys for around $2.25 each, got a cute Christmas vest that the very little boys can pass around for about $3.00 (Chase, Caedmon and the new baby---$1.00 per boy!) and loaded up on several things for Kaelan. One winter dress that we found leggings to for entire ensemble...around $10. Several tops and a pair of culottes also clearance priced. A dress for this spring/summer wasn't on clearance, but was 40% off making the final price under $15. Sometimes when we find something we like for Kaelan that is modest, we have to get it before they are all gone.

Now if I can just find khakis and shoes....hmmm, is it any coincidence that the kids' enrichment classes this semester are just north of the mall. And I have 3 hours to spend looking the sale racks over! Isn't God good?!


Roan said...

We are fine...I am just swamped! Between preparing for the co op, trying to keep up with the laundry, running, and trying to get our entire year of bank statements entered into the computer so I can gather documents for out taxes, I am just a little short of "free" time!
I will try to post tonight or tomorrow night! I have some posts floating around in my head, just no time to sit down and do it. I am at your blog right now to copy down the dip recipe. I am serving it this Thursday for company.
Have fun tonight!

Kristie said...

I am so there at Belk! Can you ever have enough shirts for rough and tumble boys?

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