Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Duplo Mania

The older children take turns playing with Jackson throughout our school day. Yesterday Kaelan and Jackson were playing with Duplos and decided to see how tall they could make a stack of them. Then Kaelan took pictures to document. She is getting the hang of blogging!!

This view is from the floor looking up toward the ceiling.


Roan said...

What about your household files? Those were the ones that were so out of hand for me! Next I want to accept org's recipe challenge. How are your recipes organized? Mine are on hundreds of pieces of paper, some in notebooks, some stuck inside cookbooks, some on recipe cards, etc. I want a simple and usuable system.
My days are better! We are doing more KONOS together. As usual, I am learning so much!
Have a great day!

Lois Christensen said...

I have a picture of my little girl, Olivia, who's not so little anymore, doing the exact same thing with the legos! Loved the picture! Love your blog!

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