Thursday, July 8, 2010


We were all excited to take a trip to the Memphis Zoo last month.  

We had a little picnic in the parking lot before entering.  Next time we will bring the wagon and take our picnic inside.  They now have several nice shady picnicking areas in the zoo.
The Memphis Zoo has an Egyptian theme.  

Jackson was excited to see the animals.  I wish he could stay five forever!!

Caedmon was looking at the lions.  I was enjoying looking at him!!

Kaelan and Jeff in the bird house.

Caedmon has spotted a bird!

The hippos were trying to stay cool.
In the China exhibit there was a display about several explorers.  Kaelan poses with Marco Polo aka Jackson.

Caedmon eyeing the elephants.

Cooling off with ice cream cones.

Oh. Mom!!

Jackson and the grizzly bear got real close!

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Gurtrude said...

Cute ad hilarious!

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